You see the world through rose-colored glasses, and now your important docs can, too! Our peekaboo folio keeps your resumé, concert tickets, and love letters beautifully organized and bathed in pink. Plus, you can trick it out with the rad stickers we’ve got waiting for you when you pop it open! Elle Woods would be so proud.
◦13 in. x 9.5 in.
◦translucent blush plastic with sticker sheet Peekabo Folio

  • Please enter the personalization letters in the order that you wish for them to appear from left to right. Monograms will be made in the exact letter order in which the initials are entered.

    Traditional monogrammed initials are ordered First initial, Last initial, (larger size font), and Middle Maiden initial. However, you may choose any 1-3 letters or order of letters that you wish! For example: Abigail Camille Blumengarten would be ABC.