These pages include far more fun than just "Dear Diary!" Secure with a lock and key, this diary has more information and fun-packed extras to keep safe.

152 pages

Sections include: Personal Information Pages, Diary Pages, Birthday Calendar, Sticker Pages; Hard Cover; Personal Lock and Keys: Lilly Pulitzer Feather Pen

Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Diary

  • Please enter the personalization letters in the order that you wish for them to appear from left to right. Monograms will be made in the exact letter order in which the initials are entered.

    Traditional monogrammed initials are ordered First initial, Last initial, (larger size font), and Middle Maiden initial. However, you may choose any 1-3 letters or order of letters that you wish! For example: Abigail Camille Blumengarten would be ABC.