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Meet OurBloggers


Hello! I'm Haley, a born and raised Georgia girl. I love all the aspects of the South. You can catch me at a football game, the lake, or out with friends!  I live on the lake and there's nowhere I'd rather be. I love having any and everything of mine monogrammed. As much as I love Georgia, I enjoy traveling to new places!  Currently in high school, I'm always out with friends or spending time with family. I'm obsessed with puppies including my own, Riley. I even monogram all of her accessories. Keeping up with fashion is a must for my puppy and me.


 Hello! My name is Lucy. I'm a Georgia native in love with the outdoors. I'm currently a senior in high school with a bad case of senioritis. I enjoy extreme crafting often leaving a mess behind. Not so coincidentally, I'm a pinterest addict. I'm a big advocate for any occasion to have brunch, and a big believer in spending too much time on the back porch.  Faith and family play the biggest roles in my life. I love working at Key Lime Online, where everything is adorable, and my creative abilities are tested. 


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