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Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day is quickly approaching! An entire day completely devoted to appreciating your best gals, just before Valentine's day, it seems fitting. But what is the perfect way to celebrate your ladies?

Every February 13th, I invite all of my best girlfriends over for a delicious homemade brunch. The little details count when it comes to an appreciation party; handwritten name tags are placed on the table, each one unique. There are flowers for every person, delicious treats, storytelling, and most importantly gift giving!

There is no better way to send off your galentine's day guests than with a sweet letter and a personal present. This doesn’t have to be complicated, it could be memorabilia from an inside joke, a cd you burned, or even a monogrammed item from keylime ;). Make this February special, by commemortaing your lovely friends with a lovely little party. It's simple, meaningful and fun.

Your Galentine's Day Party Checklist

- Good friends

- A delicious meal (your guests might help you make this)

- Sweet treats (there is a recipe below)

- Name tags

- Flowers

- Good music

- Personal Presents (which are available on this website :))

Cake Pops


-a cake mix (and what you need to make the cake)

-a can of frosting

-candy coating



1. Make up your cake mix and bake.

2. Once the baked cake has cooled, start mashing it up. (I used a food processor)

3. Add about half the can of frosting, keep mixing. ( Do not add too much)

4. The cake and frosting should form a ball of dough, which you roll into individual balls. Place the ball on a cookie sheet a put in the fridge to cool.

5. After the pops are cool, melt the candy coating, and dip the balls into the coating! Roll them in sprinkles.

6. Place the cake pops back into the fridge, so the candy coating can dry.


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