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Back to College Checklist

Going back to school means leaving home and trying to remember everything to pack. Here are just a few quick things to pack that will keep you in style.

Can't shower without a towel! Make sure to bring your bathroom towels and hand towels. Keep these personal with your monogram on them so nobody else can claim them. Super cute and making it easy to know whose towels are whose.

Stay organized! Don't let college stress you out and confuse you. Make sure to bring some sticky notes and notebooks with you to help you stay organized. Sticky notes are the perfect reminders for yourself, stick them anywhere you need to. Keep them in your Lilly Agenda's, which also help keep you organized and on time. They are the perfect planners to keep you on top of things. Bring some Lilly Pulitzer pens as well just to keep trendy.

Even stay organized with some cute bins. Lilly Pulitzer has the best organizing bins. They come in all different sizes and patterns. Keep whatever you need to in them. They aren't closed on the top making it easily accessible to get stuff out.

Don't waste money on buying water bottles all over campus. Get your Lilly Pulitzer or tumblrs and get them personalized. This way you stay hydrated and nobody can take your tumblr.

Make sure to get your monogrammed umbrella for those rainy days. Nobody wants to go across campus in the rain. The Lilly Pulitzer umbrellas fold up perfectly to stick in a backpack or purse they don't take up much room.

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