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With school almost ending, it's time to start working on graduation gifts! Getting someone a gift shouldn't be a struggle when there are so many great things to get them! Give a gift that they can take with them. Whether graduating college or high school here some perfect gifts to throw together.

If they are going to college or moving into a new place, this is perfect for the new bedroom. You can even personalize it with their school colors. Give it a cozy feel with a personalized blanket and a nice scented candle. Even throw in a picture frame to add a reminder of friendship or family in the room.


This Mud Pie overnight duffle bag is perfect to take with them. Adding the monogram to it will keep people from taking it too.


Walking across campus in the rain is hard without an umbrella! Get them this perfect size umbrella to take with them. Fits in a backpack, bag, or car to take anywhere.


The and Lilly Pulitzer portable speakers are great to take anywhere, the beach, pool, dorm, practically anywhere. You can stay in tune with all this technology with some Lilly Pulitzer headphones too if you can't bring the speaker.

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